Friday, May 8, 2009

4 Months Away!!

A few weeks ago I registered for classes for fall! I'm taking 4 courses (3 nursing and one biology). Getting my schedule all sorted out etc. reminded me that school is coming up darn fast! Only 4 months and I'll officially be a nursing student - crazy!

My schedule is a little all over the place because I really wanted to get this specific teacher for A&P. People RAVED about her on (a pretty neat website). Normally I take peoples opinions about profs with a large grain of salt but I couldn't ignore the fact that people seemed to LOVE this women. They said things like, "She was the best professor I had in college" "she's so passionate about her job and it shows!" "She's always available for extra help". How could I really go with anyone else? :) I figure this will be my most difficult class and I'll need all the help I can get, so I'd better go with the best (or at least the Prof people say is the best:). Hopefully she's worth having a pretty mixed up schedule for. We'll soon find out!

Oh, I also went to my orientation a little while ago. It was mostly just to go over computer access stuff and tell us which classes to register for and how to do that etc. It wasn't the most thrilling 2.5 hours of my life but being at the college talking about nursing classes and practicums with other people in my program definitely gave me that "this is REAL" vibe.

So now all I have left remaining on my check list is : to finish my bio class (by the end of June), get a blood test done, have my TB test done, do my first aid course AND get my police clearance. Haha, I better get a move on, four months is starting to sound a lot shorter :)