Friday, January 23, 2009

I think I'm becoming obsessed!

I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that I check the college's website at least 4 times a day to see if I've been conditionally accepted. I swear I hold my breath every time I log in. Haha I feel like a nutter! I should know by the middle of February (hopefully).

I know that I probably will be conditionally accepted only because I applied two years ago with the same 3.77 GPA and got in. But it doesn't stop me worrying...

What happened, how did I end up here again, you ask? Because of math! When I tried to update my grade 12 math 2 years ago, I took it at a local college and I was completely and utterly LOST 2 classes in. At that point I had a melt down, decided if I couldn't even follow high school math I would be sooo far out of my element in Nursing school that I dropped my class and gave up my dream of becoming a nurse.

Of course after the dust settled I remember how much I needed to have a job where I felt I made a difference (a few months of working as an admin assitant has that effect sometimes:) so I decided I'd just apply to schools that didn't require grade 12 math, no matter how far I had to go or what other classes I needed to upgrade. So at that point I started taking grade 11 chemistry which surprisingly I found interesting and even though it was challenging, I did quite well in it. This (along with encouragement from my boyfriend) gave me the confidence to attempt math again.

Which brings us here.

Online school is SO the way to go if you struggle with a certain subject. I highly recommend it! I can go as slowly as I like when the material gets a bit confusing (not too slowly mind you because I'd like to go to school fall 2009) and whizz through the stuff that's simpler. The school I'm doing it through is Virtual High School Ontario ( and I'm very impressed with how well the material is laid out and how helpful my teacher is. If you think you'll never pass a prerequisite and its holding you back from the schooling you need to do the job of your dreams, look into this upgrading route!

Well I guess I should get back to work (thats right, I blog while at work - how terrible is that?!)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

High Hopes

Okay so I may have been a little ahead of myself calling my blog Canadian Nursing Student since I am still on the road to becoming a student... Hopefully I haven't jinxed myself! :)

I've found reading other Nursing Students blogs so interesting and helpful that I thought I'd have a go at it. I hope to help others decide, right along with me, whether this career path is right for them. I know this road will most likely be a very rocky one and I think I'll need motivation and inspiration to stay focused. I'm hoping this will help!

Currently I am (27 years old) working as a receptionist and upgrading a few high school courses I need to be accepted into my local College's Nursing Degree program for Fall 2009. I will hear in a few weeks if I am conditionally accepted (fingers crossed!) and then everything depends on me passing Math 30 pure (oh the horror) and Biology 30. I'm over halfway finished my math course and its going alright, I'm worried about the final though. Math is not, and has never been, my strong point. My lack of having this class has actually held me back from applying for nursing numerous times. My boyfriend encouraged me to change my mind set, believe I could do it and go for it, if nursing appealed to me so much. So here I am, trying to stay positive :)