Friday, July 3, 2009

Bye, Bye Bio (for a couple of months) HELLO SUMMER! :D

I'm finally finished my grade 12 Bio class that I needed to be officially accepted into the Nursing program! My transcripts were sent to the college at the beginning of the week, so I should be good to go. Getting it finished up in time was a bit stressful and now that I'm done I feel great. :) I've been cuising around, getting pointers on preparing for sept. I want to start trying to study things we'll cover in my anatomy & physiology class as I'm not the best at memorizing normally and I figure they'll be a ton of that in this course. is an awesome site! I highly recommend checking it out if your a soon to be student, a student nurse or even an RN. You can find answers on there to anything nursing/ nursing school related and if you happen to think of something that hasn't already been discussed on there, you can start your own post. I've done this a couple of times and I've receieved responses in less then an hour each time- so impressive!! This site opened my eyes to the fact that the nursing community seems to be such an encouraging, warm one. Nurses & students on this site seem to love to help one another out - I guess this goes with the territory of the profession :)