Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I was a little worried about my CPR course (I haven't done any kind of CPR type training for years) but it ended up going great. The instructor was friendly and entertaining and of course the material was interesting. Sadly though I think my attention didn't waver mostly because I worry that I might actually have to perform CPR on a family member or friend one day. I hope I'm wrong though! At the beginning of the class we had to introduce ourselves and say why we were there, taking the course. and only two people, out of about 20, WEREN'T going into a nursing program! :)

A few people were starting at the same school I am. One girl was fresh out of high school so she's in a different section then I am. I knew there were two sections, one with students who have already done some post secondary classes and one with students with no prior post secondary experience but what I didn't realize, until today, is that the other section doesn't get to take any nursing classes until the winter semester. :( A lady who was probably 40ish was also going to my college - Yay I really wont be the oldest one in the program, it's not a myth! :)

Boy am I glad Im in the section I am - Not only because I'll get to take nursing classes but also because I think I might be able to relate a little easier to students a bit older. Don't get me wrong, I've definitely made some great friends at school who were A LOT younger then me but school wise they were somewhat on a different level. I remember a few of them thinking I was a total keener just because I'd actually study for tests and get assignments done by the due date. Haha! Not surprisingly, many weren't interested forming study groups etc.

The gal I met at CPR training wasn't at all excited to start the program which kind of blew me away. Although, I remember feeling pretty burnt out after HS and perhaps that's where she is right now. I think once you take a break or at least feel really strongly about the program you're entering it helps with your attitude & commitment. Perhaps students in a nursing program will be more studious no matter what but I think I might have a better chance of some good study buddies in the mature student section.

This girl from CPR also commented about how she dreads doing her senior clinicals because body fluids etc. gross her out. I'm hoping being in the other section will help me avoid students like that - That kind of attitude totally irritates me! I mean, I know everyone has issues with that kind of stuff (I'm sure I will be no exception at all) but hearing such an.. whats the word... immature? unprofessional? uncaring? opinion about it upset me. I wonder if these students end up making it all the way through nursing school. I hope if they do that at least their attitiudes change...