Friday, December 25, 2009

1/8 done! :)

Oh my goodness, the semester is over!! I never expected it to fly by the way it did. Hopefully that trend continues since my program is 4 years long - well three and a half now WOOOHOOO!!

Sorry that this blog is so overdue - they really mean it when they say your life becomes school...

This semester has been good... not overly exciting but good. I had one prof I wouldn't recommend to anyone unless they think they'd like to skip class a whole lot - I'm positive I learned nothing in her class as we had to do "learning modules" at home and she'd just cover a smidgen of the material in class by reading out her slides. YAWN!

I finished up with pretty good marks overall. I do have room for improvement but I'm happy enough with where I stand. Most of all I'm PUMPED that I did okay in A&P 1 - the class I was so worried about failing. A few of my friends were on the edge of having to redo the course but they all pulled through on the final!! Yay ladies!! We had our scary skills test at the end of the semester. The profs ended up being so lovely during our test(something none of us expected), they help everyone out a ton if they forgot anything important and almost everyone past. Sigh... it felt SOOOO good to have that out of the way.

I'm on Christmas break at the moment which is feeling amazing :) Although Im going to TRY to buckle down and hit my A&P 2 material a bit before the winter semester begins. I worried the second part of the course will be more challenging.

The most exciting/terrifying thing coming up is CLINICAL! We begin the second week of the semester. I'm so excited to interact with patients but so worried I'll be ultra awkward around them - tends to be common for me when I start doing almost anything new.

Well Im going to go to bed and snuggle up with a NOVEL! Boy have I missed reading fiction! :)

Thanks for stopping by. I'll make sure to let you know how my first day of clinical goes.