Monday, August 9, 2010

Just around the corner...

Just around the corner, my second year of nursing school looms.

I'm not sure if the butterflies battling it out at the pit of my stomach when I think about sitting in lecture halls in a few weeks, are butterflies of excitement or dread. I'm thinking they're a bit of both. On one hand I'm excited to work with more lovely (and even not so lovely) patients, add a bit more knowledge to my hungry little mind and to catch up with my lovely classmates but on the other hand I haven't quite forgotten the long, almost sleepless, nights of studying/writing & all that wonderful test anxiety. :)

It seems like summer has completely flown by - so I guess this accelerated time warp I was wrapped up in last school year doesn't slow down when the weather warms up... too bad! lol. I've only been working part-time so I've thoroughly enjoyed the last month & a half of lazing around, hanging out with friends & my boyfriend, walking my dogs, reading fiction, hanging out at Starbucks, hiking, camping, going on vacations etc. etc. Although I do weirdly sort of miss homework a TINY bit once in a while.

Oh I almost forgot to mention something important, I passed stats!!! And by pass I actually mean did very well, which is pretty astonishing for mathematically challenged me. I almost found myself enjoying it at times(gasp), which is even more astonishing. :) Strangely, this doesn't help calm my nerves at all about drug dosage math I'm going to have to master next semester - without a calculator I might add - here's where the DREAD comes up again.

As I've mentioned before, as much as I've wholeheartedly tried in the past, math and I have never been buddy-buddy - well at least not when calculators are not permitted. Being poor at math has stopped me from attempting to become a nurse on numerous occasions. I know how important math skills are for a nurse and I feel somewhat ridiculous admitting that I struggle with it when nursing is my goal. I'm just praying that if I really put my, mature, mind to it, I can at least become somewhat confident in the math a NEED to know. I'll let you know how that goes.