Wednesday, January 7, 2009

High Hopes

Okay so I may have been a little ahead of myself calling my blog Canadian Nursing Student since I am still on the road to becoming a student... Hopefully I haven't jinxed myself! :)

I've found reading other Nursing Students blogs so interesting and helpful that I thought I'd have a go at it. I hope to help others decide, right along with me, whether this career path is right for them. I know this road will most likely be a very rocky one and I think I'll need motivation and inspiration to stay focused. I'm hoping this will help!

Currently I am (27 years old) working as a receptionist and upgrading a few high school courses I need to be accepted into my local College's Nursing Degree program for Fall 2009. I will hear in a few weeks if I am conditionally accepted (fingers crossed!) and then everything depends on me passing Math 30 pure (oh the horror) and Biology 30. I'm over halfway finished my math course and its going alright, I'm worried about the final though. Math is not, and has never been, my strong point. My lack of having this class has actually held me back from applying for nursing numerous times. My boyfriend encouraged me to change my mind set, believe I could do it and go for it, if nursing appealed to me so much. So here I am, trying to stay positive :)

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