Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So close!

School is just around the corner! I have an orientation and one class next week. Eeek! I keep having to remind myself how much my life is about to change so that I'm slightly prepared for it.

As I worked my last few shifts as a receptionist I have to keep myself from thinking "good riddance" because I know from experience that the grass is NOT always greener. I left this job once before to go to college and I remember missing being here like crazy because, as boring as it can be, it's practically stress free... unlike school. I leave here at 5pm and don't usually think about it again until the next morning at the earliest. School/homework is always on my mind, every waking minute (and then some). Don't get me wrong though, there are definitely pros to going to school also (other then just working towards my dream career). The thing I love most about school is that I get recognized for working hard (if I choose too:)) which motivates me to work that much harder. This is something my workplace fails miserably at - which reflects in my lack of enthusiasim/drive. Tests suck but getting back a great mark rocks! :)

I picked up, & received from chapters, the rest of my books. I looked through them a little and I'm pretty excited to start going over the material in class. Most of it looks really interesting... hopefully I'm right as there are MANY pages to cover :).
I already have some stuff to do for my A&P class that our teacher put up on blackboard. Nothing too scary, just a bit of reading and a small intro assignment that I think she's using to get to know us. I did the assignment already but I haven't sent it too her yet - don't want to look like TOO much of a keener (although I'm sure I wont be able to hide that for long LOL). Bio has me so worked up that I'm praying I can keep up with it.

One of my nursing classes is up on blackboard also. I had a look though the outline etc. When I read the part about skills tests during the lab section I started getting really nervous. Written tests are bad enough but tests where I have to actually speak and perform tasks with my very own trembling hands? TERRIFYING!

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  1. Good luck with school! Skills tests aren't so bad. All of the anxiety is in the preparing, once you are doing it you go into auto pilot.